GaelGoer is a mobile app which affords people with an interest in the Irish language the opportunity to locate and communicate with each other. 

We have designed a badge saying ‘Labhair Gaeilge Liom’ and have invited Irish speakers in Ireland and abroad, and at all levels of competence, to wear this badge. We have suggested that they post responses from other Irish speakers on social media using ​#GaelGoer​. Through these posts we will build up a map and a listing of places where one can meet other Irish speakers.  
In addition, our users will have the option to share their live location on the app thereby identifying themselves to other Irish speakers in their vicinity. Users will also have the facility to chat via GaelGoer’s instant messaging system which includes an autocorrect function ‘as Gaeilge’. 

Some components of the Gaelgoer app were identified through our survey, which can be accessed on our website. Hundreds of people from around the globe have filled in this survey giving us a better understanding of what the app should provide. 

The ‘Labhair Gaeilge Liom’  badge can be obtained by donating to our Go Fund Me Campaign.


When you donate 5 euro or more you can request to have a badge posted to you (anywhere in the world) by emailing us your name and address.